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Zurich, Switzerland
Zurich Travel Guide Offline
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Zurich, Switzerland
Zurich Airport App
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Zurich, Switzerland
Zurich Map and Walks
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Zurich, Switzerland
National Museum Zurich
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Zurich – a really relaxing vacation

Perhaps Zurich is most well known for the Swiss Banks. But in fact, this is a very nice city and the perfect destination if you're looking for somewhere for a vacation with lots of possibilities including just sitting back, enjoy the day and having a really relaxing vacation.

That's what we wanted; a good time, but a quiet time. We wanted to go home really refreshed and relaxed and not worn out. That's why, when my friend Jane suggested Zurich, we got some IPad apps and checked it out.

It turns out that the city has everything we were looking for. Lots of things and sites to see – if we wanted. Some excellent museums and art galleries – if we wanted. Excellent restaurants – we definitely wanted and numerous parks and a pleasant river to just stroll around enjoying the clean air and the Swiss tidiness.

Zurich is an easy town to get around – especially with the apps that had public transport routes and schedules. Despite being one of the world's major financial centers, the city is remarkably easy going and relaxed. But there are also a great many bars and nightclubs as well (thank you Zurich apps for recommending only the best) but, unlike the sort of thing we were used to from other places, here they are warm and inviting.

We started our visit with a walk along the Augustinergasse. One of Zurich's oldest and narrowest streets – this must have been what the Medieval Zurich was like, really fascinating. During our stay we also went to the Fraumunster Church with its amazing stained glass windows created by world renowned artists such as Mark Chagall and Augusto Giacometti.

Our favorite spot in the whole of Zurich was the Lake Promenade. This is a really pleasant park area where the people of Zurich love to hang out and stroll. Lovely gardens, fantastic views and most of all – peace and tranquility, just what we wanted!

So, if you want a real vacation, one where you come home relaxed and don't need a vacation to recover from your vacation – Zurich is the place!

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