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Traveling with your iphone/ipad? Take the best travel apps with you on your next trip to Rome
Rome, Italy
Katie Parla's Rome
I created this app to provide users with my m...
iPhone and iPad travel app
Rome, Italy
Do you know where Keats died? Did you know th...
iPhone travel app
Rome, Italy
Rome Travel Guide by Triposo
Rome, the eternal city, with all its sights, ...
iPhone and iPad travel app
Rome, Italy
Tickets by Ulmon
With the Tickets by Ulmon app, you can search...
iPhone and iPad travel app
Rome, Italy
Rome Guida Verde Touring
A complete Guide to Rome by Touring Editore. ...
iPhone and iPad travel app
Indicates an app designed for both iphone and ipad


Rome – the city of a thousand names

Of all the cities of Europe, Rome, the Eternal City, the Sacred City, the Capital of the World is perhaps the most romantic and one that conjures up images of a glorious past, culture, food, romance and a very friendly people. We first discovered Rome over 25 years ago during our summer vacation. We had driven from the UK, through France, Switzerland and down through Italy to Rome. We only spent 3 days there – but fell in love with this magical place. Since then, we have been back many times – sometimes for long vacations, sometimes for a long weekend. Every time, we discover something new, something amazing.

Roman Travel Apps

This year, we took our summer break in Rome – but this time we decided to use some of the excellent Rome travel apps that we found for my IPad and Dave's IPhone. We found some really good travel apps at 10travelapps.com and straight away downloaded three apps: a free Rome walking tour app, the Guida Touring - Roma app and the MyWay Rome app – all free editions and with a fantastic amount of info included.

This was the first time we used travel apps for our IPhone/Pad and I have to say that they made a real difference. First off all, using the built in GPS technology, they knew where we were and could suggest things to see and do. We even downloaded the full version of the walking tour app which became a personal tour guide talking us through the streets of Rome. The other great thing is that there are no more guide books to cart around or flip through pages looking for something. It's all on the phone!

Another travel app we got soon after arriving was a Roman food guide. Rome has so many good places to eat that we decided to get the food app which, along with the walking tour app, made our exploratory walks even better – great sites combined with great food.

100% Recommendation

If you're going on vacation or travelling on business – then I can 100% recommend using travel apps for your IPhone or Smartphone. It's with you anyway and can hold an encyclopedia's worth of information and act as your own private interactive map and tour guide – the Rome Apps were perfect!

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