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Golf in Portugal

A friend of mine took a golf vacation last year in Portugal and came back with a glowing report. This year, I decided to give it a try and took the family off to Portugal – me to play golf, them to explore and have a good time.

I got some travel apps for Portugal for my IPad. I use this a lot when choosing a new golf course because there are lots of apps out there with really detailed information about courses all over the world. Portugal's golf courses were no different.

Basically, there are four regions in Portugal where golf courses tend to be concentrated: in the south west (close to Lisbon), in the Algarve (the south), the Oeste region and the Island of Madeira.

As I was taking the family along and they don't share my enthusiasm for gold (to put it mildly), after going through the Portugal travel apps I (we) decided to try out one course in each of the four reasons. Now I'm not going to tell you about the courses I played on or boast about my handicap (which is pretty good as my golfing partners know), but rather I want to give you some brief background information.

Lisbon and the Estoril Coast

According to the apps, this is best location to combine golf with a regular vacation, is Lisbon and the Estoril Coast. The region boasts over 10 world class golf courses and was voted the Best European Golf Destination for 2007. Lisbon with its rich cultural and social life is just around the corner so there's plenty to do after a round.

The Algarve

Is on Portugal's southern coast has a great many courses to choose from. Some front onto the Atlantic and provide some of the most challenging greens in the world, partly due to the winds that blow in from the ocean. Vilamoura, in central Algarve has many golf resorts and world class courses whilst the climate in the eastern Algarve climate is a little cooler. There's plenty more to see and do in the Algarve, we used the travel apps to get us around and show us sites we would otherwise have missed.


This is a small island that provides 3 exceptional courses to play. The great benefit here is that the Island is a world class holiday destination – the best of both worlds.

The Oeste region

This area is only just beginning to develop as a golfing destination and so still retains some of the enchantment and magic of old Portugal. Lots of really quaint villages to see and shop in and some lovely regional food.

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