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Traveling with your iphone/ipad? Take the best travel apps with you on your next trip to Paris
Paris, France
Paris Travel Guide and Offline City Map
Offline Maps and much more! Discover new plac...
iPhone and iPad travel app
Paris, France
Disneyland® Paris
Download the official app for Disneyland® Par...
iPhone travel app
Paris, France
Louvre Museum Visitor Guide
After collecting travellers info about the Lo...
iPhone and iPad travel app
Paris, France
Next Stop Paris – RATP
Next Stop Paris is the leading application fo...
iPhone travel app
Paris, France
Paris Free WiFi
The app Paris Free WiFi helps you find a Cafe...
iPhone travel app
Indicates an app designed for both iphone and ipad


A vacation for two in Paris

We just got back from a week's vacation in Paris. Wow, what a city! So much to see, so much to do and the food – paradise on earth! This wasn't our first trip to Paris, but was the first without the kids, just Chris and me doing whatever we want and when we want.

One thing that I really love about Paris is the museums and galleries. In the past, with the kids, visiting say, the Louvre was a problem because they're kids and, let's face it, the Great Masters aren't what they want to see. But this time was different, with our phones loaded with some great Paris apps and a couple just for the museums and especially the Louvre, we spent hours wandering the different galleries and exhibitions with all the information we wanted at our fingertips. We had downloaded two Louvre apps; one called My Museum Le Louvre which is an audio guided tour with lots of really neat features including \\"interviews\\" with some of the masterpieces on display (including the Mona Lisa) and the other was the Louvre's official app which we downloaded to Chris's IPad. This free app really compliments the My Museum Le Louvre app and together they provide an experience that is the next best thing to a private guided tour.

Did I mention the food?

Food is also an art, and one that the French have developed as no other people on the globe. Paris has a huge number of fine restaurants, street cafes and food shops that serve you dishes to die for!!! In fact, the choice is so big, that it can get really confusing and frustrating. That's why we downloaded from 10travelapps.com two great Paris apps for the iPhone that recommend some of the better restaurants and cafes that the French capitol offers its visitors.

Paris' Best Restaurants is a location based restaurant locator for Paris's finest restaurants. We used this a lot, choosing our restaurant by cuisine, location, price and other criteria. Then we just dialed the restaurant on iPhone to make a reservation.

What better way to take a break from a day's exploring, than by sitting down at a café and enjoying a great cup of café au lait with a sweet croissant. The Paris Cafes applists over 110 of the city's finest cafes from the traditional to the chic and ultra modern. Wherever you are in this wonderful city, this app will find you a great place for a snack and a rest while you watch Paris walk by.

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