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Ibiza, Spain
Ibiza Secret Beach
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Ibiza – the party island

Got up this morning to catch the ferry to Ibiza but discovered that Steve had forgotten to book tickets. Panic, until we remembered the Spanish apps. We looked for ferry services, made a quick phone call, and had a place on the next day's ferry. We also needed to change our hotel but as we had some great Ibiza apps, there was no problem in finding a good hotel with room for us. Needless to say, I made Steve suffer and got a great meal in a really swanky restaurant out of him.

Next day, a three hour ferry crossing to Elvissa and the start of a week of sun, sand, warm water and working hard at getting a good suntan.

Ibiza is, I think, the party capital of the Mediterranean with more bars, disco and night clubs per square inch than any other place I know. In fact, there is so many that unless you use an Ibiza app to choose where to go, you could end up at a real dive. We had three Ibiza apps just for the bars and the night life: the Spotlight Club Ibiza app, the Addicted to Ibiza Island Guide 2011 app and the free Media Ibiza app.

I won't bore (or shock) you with a detailed description of everything we did on Ibiza. I will say that after a week of sunbathing, great food and partying until the small hours of the morning – both of us need another vacation! I'll also tell you that Steve suggested we try the Es Cavallet Beach (which we did). If you want to know what sort of beach it is, Google it or download one of the Ibiza apps. Interesting, but never again – I don't have the figure for it.

All good things must end

Anyway, we had a really great time on Ibiza, and in fact, our entire holiday was perfect in every respect but one – it could have been longer. One thing I have to mention are the IPhone apps. They are brilliant, better than a guide book, easier than a map and really, really cheap! We used them all the time and I don't know how we managed before without them.

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