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My key to the East was my IPad

I travel a lot around the world looking for new suppliers for my furniture business. Needless to say, one of my frequent destinations is China. On my last trip, I decided to stay over in Hong Kong for a long weekend before returning to Seattle.

Now I freely admit that I usually just like to wander and see where I get to when I'm on vacation. But this time I only had four days and this fascinating and mystical city has so much to offer that I really didn't want to waste even of moment of my weekend break.

My son suggested, just before I left, that I get some Hong Kong apps for my IPhone because they'd have all the info and save me hours of searching the internet or reading guide books. Since, when it comes to technology, the kids are really on the ball, I took his advice and spent a couple of hours while waiting for my flight to look through and download some Hong Kong apps. Gary (my son) said I should first look at 10travelapps.com because they always had great, up to date apps. I pretty much stayed there as they had links to some really useful apps – especially the apps provided free of charge by the Honk Kong Tourist Board.

My own private tour guide

The first app I used was the Discover Hong Kong app. This gave me all the basic info I needed to start my exploration of the city. The app lists all the \\"must sees\\" and \\"must does\\", over 200 top quality restraints and literally 1000's of store offering quality merchandise and not just cheap knock offs. Sometimes, if I got myself turned around, I just activated the augmented reality function and my IPhone would scan the area and tell me exactly where I was and even suggest things to do and see around me.

Feet were made for walking

I also used the DiscoverHK.City Walks app. For me this was like manna from heaven. I love to explore on foot, and this app has four brilliant walking tours of Honk Kong, each in a different area, just waiting to be used:

· Adventure in Architecture - Central & Western District

· Travel Through Time – Garden Road Leisure Walk

· Savour the Cosmopolitan Flavours – Tsim Sha Tsui

· Experience Living Culture – Yau Ma Tei & Mong Kok

Now I didn't manage to do all four, just Tsim Sha Tsui and Yau Ma Tei & Mong Kok. What an experience! The app took me through the area, giving me info on what I was seeing, suggesting points of special interest and importance. The app has a great interface, audio commentaries and even makes you IPhone vibrate when you're near an attraction. Without this app, there is so much that I would have missed.

Great weekend, great apps and a very satisfied customer!

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