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Traveling with your iphone/ipad? Take the best travel apps with you on your next trip to Greece
Greece, Greece
Greece Travel Guide by Triposo
Greece travel guide offers you complete and u...
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Greece, Greece
LPG Greece
The LPG Greece app shows all the Liquid Petro...
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Greece, Greece
Learn Greek Essentials - AccelaStudy®
AccelaStudy is the award-winning language edu...
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Greece, Greece
Greek Gods Free
Enjoy this free Greek Gods reference. This a...
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Greece – democracy's birthplace.

Greece is part of the \\"Classical Europe\\" tourist trail, and rightly so. But today, for more and more people, Greece is islands, sea, sun, food and ouzo. That's a real shame, because, with just a little effort, those same people would discover that Greece invented the very institution that is so important to us and that we take for granted – democracy.

Now I don't want to sound like a Uni professor because I'm not. But not so long ago, I also thought that Greece was good food and booze on Mykonos. That's until I downloaded some Greece apps for my IPad, basically to see what the best bars on other Greek islands are, and a whole new side of the country opened up before me.

I learned about Greece in school – but who remembers anything from so long ago. But when I started reading the apps in a beach bar, I sat there for about an hour over a glass of beer that started out cold and ended up warm.

Anyway, a couple of days later, I left to see for myself armed with my IPad, five apps about Greece and Athens and seven days left to my vacation. My first destination was Delos because the maps on the Greek apps showed me that it was really close to Mykonos. Apparently this island and its archeological remains have been designated as one of the most important cultural heritage sites in the world. It has remains from ancient Greek civilization going back almost 3000 years and in Greek mythology is the birthplace of the God Apollo.

An archeologist's paradise

The island is full of archeological remains. As a tourist it's fascinating but be aware that, other than a small souvenir shop and a restraint in the visitors center, there are no shops here. I was prepared for this because of the apps so came along with plenty of water.

Take your time exploring. As I said there's lot's to see and if you use the apps well, a lot of interesting stuff to read and learn.

I'm back here tomorrow as well, and then off to Athens.

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