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Traveling with your iphone/ipad? Take the best travel apps with you on your next trip to Croatia
Croatia, Croatia
Croatia Travel Guide - Triposo
Pristine beaches, old Venetian cities and bea...
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Croatia, Croatia
Taste of Croatia
This app is an independent guide to good food...
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Croatia, Croatia
Croatia - Travel Guide & Offline Map
The Croatia Travel Guide from tripwolf contai...
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Croatia – for a unique holiday experience

If you want a really unique holiday experience and a chance to experience thousands of years of history and culture, the best European hospitality, marvelous, unspoiled coastline and beaches and a rich night life – you have to go to Croatia!

We spent an amazing two weeks there this summer and are definitely going back as soon as possible. One suggestion – if you have an IPhone or IPad, get some Croatia travel apps. One of the charms of this country is that it's still developing a s a tourist destination. That means that lots of people don't speak English, signposts can be difficult to read and finding info about the sights you're visiting can be a problem. But, if you have some Croatian travel apps, problem solved – you have a complete guide book and road atlas wrapped up in your mobile. Add a Croatian language app – and you're all set for a great holiday.

We spent the entire two weeks wandering up and down Croatia's Adriatic coastline with just one excursion inland to Zagreb, the capital city. Originally, we had intended to explore more of the country, but there was just so much to see and do along the coast that we changed our minds and used the Croatia apps to plan a new schedule.

The Croatian coastline is incredibly beautiful with many coves and secluded inlets. We used the Croatia apps to find a sailing boat cruise along the coastline and spent one week of our stay sailing from Spit down to Dubrovnik. Absolutely fantastic! Blue sea and a perfect climate! Exploring enchanted islands along the way and stopping at some of the most beautiful spots I've ever seen and being almost alone (apart from the others on the boat of course)

Dubrovnik – a real jewel

Dubrovnik is in the south of Croatia and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. Despite the terrible damage caused during Croatia War of Independence between 1991 and 1995, the restoration work is so good that it's difficult to see the damage. The Old City with its walls is truly a jewel and must be one of the most romantic spots I've ever been to. A visit to Dubrovnik leaves you feeling calm and refreshed because you just can't help but succumb to its relaxed and laid back atmosphere.

Croatia is a wonderful country – well be back!


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