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Traveling with your iphone/ipad? Take the best travel apps with you on your next trip to China
China, China
People’s Republic of China Travel Guide by Triposo
The China Travel guide offers you a complete ...
iPhone and iPad travel app
China, China
My Chinese Library: Mandarin Phrase Books
Heading to China for business or pleasure? Pu...
iPhone and iPad travel app
China, China
China Tourism Guide
* Universal compact app for iPhone 6 / iPhone...
iPhone and iPad travel app
China, China
China Metro
RGuide China Metro is the only single app tha...
iPhone and iPad travel app
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China apps

If there was ever a country where you needed the power of IPhone apps – it's China! This is a huge country with the largest population in the world. It's a country with endless things to see and do but also a country that is difficult to get around in and a country where few people speak English. This isn't a problem if you're on a guided tour, but if you're travelling alone, then you really need some good China touring apps and especially apps that that don't need the internet and use AR technology because there are a lot of places in China where you won't be able to connect.

Why are China apps so important?

Once, when you went travelling, you needed bulky guide books and maps. The more locations on your itinerary, the more paper you needed to carry. When you use travel apps for your IPhone or IPad, you not only get everything a guide books has to offer, but also a whole lot more – pictures, audio guides, AR and GPS technologies, detailed, interactive maps and even audio dictionaries and phrase books.

In China, a country that is almost a continent in terms of size, different ethnic groupings and things to see and do, China travel apps are a godsend for the traveler. ON your IPhone or IPad you can store a number of apps that make your journey more enjoyable and easier. Even better, when you do have connectivity, you can go online and quickly download updates for your China apps or search for new ones.

Three great apps

Here are just four examples of some of the great China apps available from the Apps Store. I used these a lot when I was in China for a month – but there are so many available that you can find the best ones for your needs.

· Me No Speak China – a talking Pictionary with over 750 flashcards of useful words and phrases. As most Chinese don't speak English, some Chinese-English phrase book is an essential.

· China Map – a China app with offline, searchable maps of 21 Chinese cities that uses the IPhone's GPS capabilities to keep track of where you are and help you get from point to point.

· China Menu – a pictorial guide to Chinese food that makes ordering food in a restaurant much safer.· China Travel - A Romantic Journey – this is really a set of China apps that has a huge amount of information on China perfect for the traveler. Some of the apps in the package need an internet connection, but that's not too much of a problem.
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