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Traveling with your iphone/ipad? Take the best travel apps with you on your next trip to Canada
Canada, Canada
Canada Travel Guide by Triposo
The Canada guide offers you complete and up t...
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Canada, Canada
With NAVIGON you can turn your iPhone or iPad...
iPhone and iPad travel app
Canada, Canada
Canada - Travel Guide & Offline Map
The Canada Travel Guide from tripwolf contain...
iPhone and iPad travel app
Canada, Canada
GoExplore Canada
Don’t explore Canada without it! All rolled ...
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Canada – the land of maple syrup and so much more

If there was ever a country built for the IPad and touring apps it's Canada. This is a huge country with vast open spaces, stunning scenery and views, a wonderful richness of wild life, fantastic cities and, for the most part, a very friendly people. It's also a country that is so big that it's impossible to see even a fraction during a regular vacation – and that's all we had, 21 days.

So we had to decide, what did we want to see in Canada? Our first stop was a travel agent. But all they gave us was sales talk and a bunch catalogs. Then we went home and decided to try the internet – to much information and keeping track of all the separate sites was just to difficult. The I decided to look at apps about Canada for my IPad.

I found a site, 10TravelApps.com that had a list of recommended Canada apps. After looking through their recommendation, I went to the apps store and downloaded a few apps about Canada as a whole to try and decide where to go.

I have to say that using the apps was so easy and so convenient! They were packed with details about Canada – history, nature, wildlife, geography, people, you name it, they had it. But not just explanations, the apps also had great, searchable maps, photographs, video clips, pre-planned routes with hotel recommendations along the way. In short, an IPad application that turned the IPad into a personal travel agent and tour guide all in one, and one that travels with us and is available 24/7 (and doesn't take a commission either).

Canada Coast to Coast

In the end we decided to spend a week in Vancouver, then hire a car and drive across Canada to Quebec and Montreal. One of the reasons was that we just couldn't decide what to see and what not to see. The other was simply the Canada apps and those interactive maps! As I already said, it would be like having our own tour guide sitting in the back of the car, telling where to turn and what we see along the way.

So next stop – Vancouver!

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