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Traveling with your iphone/ipad? Take the best travel apps with you on your next trip to Berlin
Berlin, Germany
Berlin Subway BVG Map and Route Planner
Whether you need to get from A to B or are pl...
iPhone and iPad travel app
Berlin, Germany
Berlin Travel Guide by Triposo
Features of the free travel app to Berlin by ...
iPhone and iPad travel app
Berlin, Germany
Berlin Wall Walk (Lite Version)
Overnight on June 15th 1961, a barrier went u...
iPhone and iPad travel app
Berlin, Germany
Berlin Free WiFi
The app Berlin Free WiFi helps you find a Caf...
iPhone travel app
Berlin, Germany
Cool Berlin
iPhone and iPad travel app
Berlin, Germany
The Berlin Wall
The Berlin Wall divided East and West for 28 ...
iPhone travel app
Berlin, Germany
BVG FahrInfo Plus Berlin
Get up-to-date schedules and trip plans for B...
iPhone and iPad travel app
Berlin, Germany
Berlin Travel Guide (with Offline Maps) - mTrip Travel Guides
9/10 in WIRED’s App Guide - Selected as an Ho...
iPhone travel app
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Berlin – the capital of Europe

Hi everybody, just wanted to let you all know that I'm back after my regular end of summer break to Berlin – and, just as always, I had an even better time than the last!

Every year, Julian and I take two – three long weekend breaks to somewhere in Europe, but at the end of the summer, we always end up back in Berlin – a sort of tradition (at least for the past three years). A lot of our friends ask why Berlin? What makes the place so special that we get drawn back year after year? So, here's what Berlin does for us!

Berlin is the most laid back city in the whole of Europe. I t has something for everybody with a history going back hundreds of years and through to an ultra-modern 21st century vibe. Museums, galleries, theatre, music – culture wise it's hard to beat. Now add on great German beer, food and a nightlife that has to be experienced to be believed, and you may begin to understand why Julian and I love this place.

A different side of the city

In our last visits we tried a bit of everything: museums (you have to go to the Checkpoint Charlie Museum in Kreuzberg and Museum Island in the Mitte district), art galleries, beer cellars, the lot! This year we decided to celebrate our change of decade (we both turn 30 in November) and devoting most of our stay to the night life.

Now the thing about Berlin's night life is that there's so much of it that doesn't center around night clubs and bars in the center of the city. You really need to know where everything is. That's why this trip we got some amazing Berlin apps for our IPhones from 10travelapps.com

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