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Barbados, Barbados
Taiwan Guide
Taiwan Guide is an advanced software that can...
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Barbados, Barbados
Barbados Offline Map Travel Guide
Welcome to Barbados! - a charismatic island w...
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Barbados, Barbados
Barbados GPS Map
The Barbados GPS Map is a simple, accurate an...
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Barbados – a Caribbean paradise

I travel a lot of business, so, I rack up a lot foe frequent flyer miles. To be honest, their a bit like credit card points, they mount up but you never use them. Until now that is. I got an email from the airline saying that as part of their new policy, unused FFM's would be wiped out after three years. OK, fair enough, so I decided to use the points I had to fly as far as possible – so that's why I'm posting this blog from sunny Barbados in the Caribbean!

Because it was a spur of the moment decisions – hey, I didn't even tell you guys I was going, I didn't have the time to find out what there was to see and do. Mind you, Barbados, Caribbean – what could be bad?

But you know me, If I don't have every minute planned, I panic. So as soon as the plane landed and we cleared customs, I got out the IPad and began looking for Barbados apps to see what the Island has to offer.

And believe you and me, it has a lot to offer. This tiny island just 21 miles long and 14 miles wide has a huge amount to offer tourists. Stunning cave formations, white beaches and the capital, Bridgetown, has some excellent restaurants and a fabulous night life. When you add the sun, the sea and the dive sites, then you have a true paradise.

Sorting through the possibilities

The first thing I did with the Barbados apps was to look for a hotel. Because I left New York suddenly, I hadn't booked a hotel. Luckily, the Barbados apps had a great selection of hotels and reviews. All I had to do was make a list of what looked good, phone them up and, hey presto, a great five star hotel room in Bridgetown.

But I'm only here for five days, so that's why I needed the Barbados apps, to help me choose what I really wanted to do. One Barbados app was devoted exclusively to dive sites, and as a fully qualified 3 Star diver, I just have to try out at least one of the sites.

I also intend to sample the food and the nightlife. If I'm in any condition, all add to the blog. But if not, I'll tell you all about it when I get back.

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