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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro Travel Guide
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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rio De Janeiro Map
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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Magical Rio Guide
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Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

After years of hearing about Rio de Janeiro's carnival, Cindy and I finally decided to take the plunge and go ourselves. Well, I never go anywhere without first finding out about the place – and this trip was no different. The first thing I did was log on to the Apple apps store and do a search for Rio de Janeiro apps. Wow, so many apps for Brazil and Rio de Janeiro apps for just about anything and everything concerned with Brazil, Rio de Janeiro and the Carnival.

Anyway, I browsed through some of them and even went to 10TravelApps.com to get some reviews of Rio de Janeiro apps before choosing my final three apps. OK, I know you now expect me to recommend the \\"best\\" apps for Rio de Janeiro, well, I won't. Quite simply, there are so many to choose from covering so many different aspects of Rio de Janeiro and the carnival that what's great for me, might not be suited for you. What I am going to tell you about the type of Rio de Janeiro apps that I found most useful.

Rio de Janeiro and Carnival apps

Carnival is much more than just a gigantic excuse for a party! You really need a Carnival app that will explain the origins of the festival, the history, preparations and significance for the people of Rio. That's the great thing about IPad apps, they are so much easier to use than a guide book and also weigh a whole lot less. For example, the Carnival app we got told us that, even if you can't be in Rio for the actual Carnival, anytime from October on preparations are in full swing and as Carnival approaches the rehearsals get bigger and better. Two weeks before Carnival, when prices are still reasonable, the various Samba schools and Blocos (street bands and groups) start performing in the streets – a mini carnival!

A Portuguese phrase book and dictionary app is another essential as English isn't spoken by widely in Rio. On the IPad this is great because you have a series of audio clips with useful phrases and some of the Portuguese language apps even let you build up your own sentences.

Finally, you need a general Rio de Janeiro tourist app with VR maps, places to see, recommended bars, restaurants, travel directions etc. Rio is a great city wih a lot more to offer than just the Carnival, but it's also easy to get lost and end up on the \\"wrong side of the tracks\\".

Anyway, we had a great time, Cindy fell in love with the Samba and I discovered that I have three left feet. Oh well!

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