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WiFi Apps

Traveling with WiFi apps is a great way to enjoy your travel in any part of the world. Below are some ofther exciting WiFi apps which you may want to pick for your iPhone and be on a smart and convenient way traveling in certain parts of the world.

New York Free WiFi

With some free WiFi hotspots, this application will help you find a good restaurant and café shopin New York City. There is no problem looking for these restaurants and cafesas they are precisely stored on your iPod or iPhone. This gives you the opportunity to find these places in the city even without the presence of internet connection. Moreover, you can also have the opportunity to make a listof all the cafes and restaurants which are closest to your current location.You can also make a selection by zip code or by name.

The following are someof the amazing features of the New York Free WiFi app:

·Providesyou with an internet connection for your device such as your iPod touch,iPhone, and laptop without the cost

·Helpsyou locate for WIFi spots whenever your iPhone internet connection becomes tooslow

·It’sa perfect deal for travelers as it allows each of them to get rid of roamingcharges which can be too pricey especially when traveling abroad

·Sharesinformation and location of WiFi hotspots

·Offersyou with the freshest and the most updated locations

·Providesthe location of a specific user

WiFi Free Japan

This is a kind of WiFiapplication which is intended for travelers going to Japan. It’s an applicationthat will help any traveler find the hot spot locations for free WiFi's theeasier and more convenient way. The WiFi Free Japan app provides travelers withthe following great features:

·Showsthe travelers the locations for free WiFi hotspots

·Displays different maps in various styles like hybrid, standard, or satellites

·Shares infinite locations for WiFi hotspots that are exclusively free

·Provides travelers with the most updated locations

·Showsthe traveler of his exact location

WiFi Free Australia

The WiFi Free Australia app has been developed to provide the travelers with the easiest and the most convenient way of locating hotspots for free WiFi services in Australia. And ifin case you have already selected a particular hotspot on your iPhone, you will also be able to get the exact address of that particular hotspot including itscontact information.

WiFi Free Australia appcomes with the following features which are simply great whenever you need totravel in Australia and have to look for a WiFi free hotspot location withinthe country.

·Provides you with the different locations and addresses of available free WiFi hotspotsin the country

·Can display a map in various styles like standard, hybrid, or satellite

·Shares information and location of free WiFi hotspots

·Comes with daily updates on locations; and

·Shows the exact location of the user.

These free WiFi apps areall available to download at 10travelapps.com.

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