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Airport Apps – YourGreat Companion During Your Travel

WhyAirport Appsare Essential?

Are you traveling somewhere in the world? Are you familiarwith the airport map of your destination? It’s true, getting in an airport canbe a bit confusing especially when it is your first time to travel. What iseven hard to think is when you are traveling alone and that you do not knowwhich way in the airport you should follow. To avoid hassles or even delays,airport applications or apps downloaded on your iPhone is introduced. Theseapplications will reveal to you the convenient ways on how to get rid ofgetting lost in a large airport.


Airport Maps

An airport is a simple yet very important tool orapplication during your travel particularly when you are at an airport whichseems to be confusing and so unfamiliar to you. With airport maps, you willhave the options to have better information about the indoor terminal map andeven parking/approach maps. These are very important especially when you are inany of the international airports around the world. With theseairportapps, you will be informed and oriented accordingly.

Airport map apps do not need internet connections. They areuseful because you can have chances to review your destination airport beforeyou land. This way, finding the conveyor belt for baggage, car rentals, dutyfree shops, etc. is much easier for you.


If you are traveling to Singapore,you should not be surprised if you see Changi International Airport is large andcomes with many dizzying ways to follow. But withairport appsdownloadedon your iPhone, you will have your departure or arrival with no worries at all.With iChangi, you will have your travel experienced in a convenient and abreezy way. Downloading this application will give you the opportunity to beupdated of the flight times and schedules, come with the right departure gates,and on time updates. With these features, you will never get lost inside theairport! Plus, you also get the chance to enjoy your remaining hours beforeyour flight through shopping and dining. The apps will give you fullinformation on the available shopping and dining places situated inside theChangi airport.

Heathrow Airport Guide

This kind of airport guide comes with virtual flighttracking, flight notifications and updates, terminal maps that are interactive,planning tools for travel, security guides, shops, restaurants, and many more!Definitely, your travel through the Heathrow International Airportis one, good experience with Heathrow Airport Guide application.

There are actually many different applications that can bedownloaded to your iPad or iPhone. By simply navigating on your smartphone, youwill get the opportunity to have a look on the different flight and arrival informationat a particular airport. Other applications available applications include Schiphol Amsterdam Airportand FlightBoard – Arrival and flight Departure Status apps. What is great toknow is that all of theseairport appscan be downloaded andobtained at 10travelapps.com - your companion foryour travel apps.

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