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Free WiFi Finder

Free WiFi Finder
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App Review - Free WiFi Finder

Free WiFi Finder app to locate hotspots around you:

The Free WiFi Finder app is one of the most excellent travel app. It will locate all wireless internet hotspots all over the world and inform you about those in your proximity. It has more than ten thousand locations across the world aspart of its database and makes use of an integrated function of GPS to locateand then display numerous access points to you. It database is very well informed and has almost all locations as part of it.

You can do a lot with this app, ranging from looking up a hotspot as per your present geographic location to filtering out the results according to the type of location your equire to displaying your required results in their complete form along with the address and phone numbers of each of them. You can also browse for locations and bookmark those that are your top favorites. This is what makes handy travel apps.

Free WiFi Finder app basically performs one simple function of locating and accessing the closest WiFi spots in your vicinity and as peryour requirement. At times, it has a little bad quality and outdated network connectivity, which proves to be quite a short coming at times. But it runs smoothly under most circumstances. You can display access points, both closed and open ones as well as those that are free and those that are not. You can also get interesting information such as signal strength, channel number, typeof authentication and other details of connections that are close enough to betapped.

It has often been experienced that the Free WiFi finder appmight miss out on a few connections that are quite close by to your location. Alot of people have observed this and were not surprised. It was expected toperform faster and efficiently too.

With the Free WiFi finder app, you can easily access adatabase of internet hotspots that is expanding at all times and that willalways be accessible to you. Although there are a few shortcomings, theadvantages clearly outweigh them. It is one of the best travel apps to exist today as you can find hotspots in no timeand can be assured of not missing out the important ones around you. Thefeatures and filters make it highly convenient and effective. And then, thereis just so much you can do with it. Free WiFi finder app is one of those great travel apps that you must get too.

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iVanya 23/12/2010 2.20 * Download progress bar was fixed
* AdMod SDK was updated
* Local WiFi database is now marked with the "do not back up" attribute

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