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Google Translate

Google Translate
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This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad
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App Review - Google Translate

Simplify Communication with Google Translate App
So you are finally all set to travel to new destination? Millions of people around the world travel to different destinations for pleasure and also for business purpose and they always make sure that they have all the things with them that can make their journey better. However, if you are landing into a city where people speak different language then you will find some communication problems arising out nowhere. Hence, you always need to look out for top translation apps that can help you to understand and translate the language for better communication.
Google Translate has remained one of the popular translation apps and it is the best iPhone travel app that you should have in your iPhone and iPad, especially when you are going to different countries where people speak different languages. Google Translate for iOS is also voted among the top 10 travel apps for Apple devices and you can download it for free on your iPhone or iPad. So, what makes this translation app better than others that are available in the market?
Google Translate allows you to translate more than 64 languages around the world. This means that there are more chances that you can find the language in Google Translate. On the other hand, Google Translate also offers more than 17 languages where you don't have to type to translate. You can speak the language on your iPhone or iPad and the app will translate the language in English or any other language that you understand. This makes it really quick to make communication better because you don't have to waste your time typing the text. The app also allows you to listen to your translations aloud for more than 24 languages and therefore it becomes convenient when you are moving from one destination to another.
The app also allows you to make full use of your smartphone screen and therefore the app utilizes full screen so that translations can be read by others in full screen mode. You can star your favorite translations or translations that you want to use often so that you can use them even when you are offline. You can also access the history of your translations so that you don't have to repeat the same words over and over. You can be offline and access the history and it will help you to translate the information. The app is available for free and recommended as the best iPhone travel app that travelers should download.
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