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Magical Rio Guide

Magical Rio Guide
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App Review - Magical Rio Guide

Rio de Janeiro's incredible landscapes,beaches and rich culture make it one of the most popular vacation spots in the world. The city is the second largest city within the country of Brazil, where its South Atlantic coast location houses many famous beaches like the I panama and Copacabana. The "Marvelous City" will soon host special events such as 2016 Summer Olympics/Par alympics and the 2014 FIFA World Cup games,reinforcing its eternal popularity as a vacation spot for tourists worldwide.

Tourists hoping to travel to Rio de Janeiro should consider making preparations before setting foot on a plane. For one,since many tourists are use smartphones, it's best to consider the type of apps that can be used to aid a trip to Rio de Janeiro. Travel apps serve as mini-peripheral guides to any tourist's trip--however, many Rio apps exist for those traveling to Rio de Janeiro, making it difficult for aspiring tourists to choose one. Good travel apps should be informative, intuitive and most importantly simple. Travel apps are used for a variety of travel related tasks--booking flights, converting foreign currencies, displaying easy-to-use maps and even editing vacation photos.

Rio de Janeiro travel apps come in many forms, but there's just one that receives many consistent reviews. This Rio app is known as the Rio Official Guide. Rio Magical Guide provides unlimited access to Rio de Janeiro's many hot spots consisting of many nightlife, restaurant and sightseeing destinations. MobMidia's Rio Official Guide can be accessed in three different languages of Portuguese, English and Spanish.

The app features four well implemented sections unlike other Rio apps--Guide, Service, Agenda and Carnival. Carnival is just as the name implies--it tracks the many carnivals in Rio de Janeiro that tourists can visit, including its annual carnival, the Rio Carnival. The Guide section hosts various guides which help with navigating the large city;the Service section, in turn, tracks available services in Rio de Janeiro. The Agenda section keeps track of a tourist's agenda while traveling within the city.

MobMidia's Rio Official Guide features anupdated knowledge base about the vast network of hotels, bars and restaurants,in addition to a large guide containing updated information about recentcultural events, on the go travel tips about tourist hot spots and the city'ssports scene. Rio Official Guide is for download available free on Apple's AppStore.

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USA bob r (Miami, USA)
great travel app for rio and it's freeeeeee
USA Dro (Los Angeles, USA)
this rio app is definitely the best to take, i had a great trip and used it a lot 26/10/2012 1.0

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