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EAT. Sydney - Sydney dining guide

EAT. Sydney - Sydney dining guide
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App Review - EAT. Sydney - Sydney dining guide

Whether you are a tourist or a local resident of Sydney, you cannot possibly know of all the eateries that the city hosts. You may know some of the finest, some of the cheapest and some of the quirkiest ones but you may not be aware of every joint.
Eat. Sydney is an app that would take you on an informative, helpful land whirlwind tour of all the eateries and hotspots that the city has to offer. Pegged by many as the most enticing and revealing Sydney dining guide, Eat. Sydney has already acquired a substantial fan base. It is to no surprise that innumerable people have found this app to be extremely helpful.
Eat. Sydney is not a directory. It doesn’t list out all the places where you can eat in an alphabetical order and then asks its users to review the listings for the benefits of others. Eat. Sydney is a revelation of considerable research done by the authors and the developers. It may not be wrong to presume that the developers are foodies because not many people can come up with exhaustive information about every cuisine, about every fascinating joint which is known for some reason or the other without having a penchant for fine food.
At Eat. Sydney, you get to explore all kinds of places. That is the most enticing part of the app. You would come across the best Chinese takeaways, where you could find Vietnamese or Portuguese food, where you can taste the finest Indian or Thai and where you can get your popular dishes. The app doesn’t segregate or leave out a place because it is of a distinctly different category. Eat. Sydney is one app where all kinds of eateries are welcome. They have the most happening ones and also the most upscale ones. The app simply classifies them accordingly. You can get the cheapest place and the wackiest place finely listed and clubbed with all the relevant information that you need.
Eat. Sydney also has GPS features that can help you to choose a venue and get you directions to reach the place. The listings are cross linked with websites of the venues and their social network and social media profiles. Eat. Sydney is a thriving online community where you can have a gala time exploring the finest cuisines, only if you love satiating your taste buds with exciting new flavors.
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