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Sydney Traffic Cameras

Sydney Traffic Cameras
Size: 8.92 MB
Languages: EN
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App Review - Sydney Traffic Cameras

Sydney Traffic Cameras is a mobile app that allows you to view images captured by the traffic cameras all across the city and a little beyond. The images are provided by RMS through a governmental initiative.
Sydney Traffic Cameras has emerged to be a very useful app. It is available on App Store and can be downloaded for free onto an iOS device or other smart phone and tablets using compatible operating systems. The app itself is not large. It only takes 8.92 MB of space. However, given the nature of the app that accesses images, there may be additional storage requirement, especially if you are saving images as favorites.
The utility of Sydney Traffic Cameras is manifold. If you are a local resident of the city and wish to know the condition of traffic on a certain road, at a specific interjection or crossroad, on a highway or on a bridge, then this app would be phenomenally useful. You can use this app to plan your schedules, to know how much time you would be spending on the road and you can let people know in advance if there is a probability of running late or reaching early. In simpler words, you can know exactly what you would be facing when you hit the roads. You can also get an idea about public transport updates and if something is happening at any part of the city. The Sydney Traffic Cameras stream live images in real time and you can get an instantaneous update of a situation if you have internet connection. The app is available offline but then you can only view the information and images that are in your favorites.
Apart from the cameras and the images, you get access to extensive maps which can be browsed offline and you get information about different routes and roads along with relevant details in every case that is applicable.
The app can be very useful for tourists as well. They can get a virtual tour of what it is like out there on the roads and can plan their itinerary accordingly. In the present era of technological wizardry, not knowing is not a fault but a crime and using state of the art apps like the Sydney Traffic Cameras can make life much simpler and free of hassles.
The app is free for all and that certainly makes the resource something that cannot be given a miss.
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Trisome 30/08/2008 4.3 Fix for the empty camera list problem I introduced in the last update.

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