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TripView - Sydney & Melbourne

TripView - Sydney & Melbourne
Size: 5.52 MB
Languages: EN
This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad
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App Review - TripView - Sydney & Melbourne

TripView Sydney is a unique app that caters to all your traveling needs in and around the city. If you are using any form of public transport and you do so regularly or infrequently, then TripView Sydney is an app that you ought to have on you.
TripView is essentially a guide to train, bus and ferry transport data for the city of Sydney. You get all the details about specific bus routes, the buses that ply on different routes, train timings and routes, station details and information about stops as well as ferry rides with its origins and headings. In a nutshell, TripView Sydney is an app that you need when you are on the road. Whether you are a tourist or a local, this app would be immensely helpful.
Among the many features that this app comes with, the notable ones are the saved trip function, real time information pertaining to delays, vehicle maps for buses and trains, timetables of bus, train and ferry rides, platform indicator display, service interruption information, interactive maps that enable you to create your trips and alarms that notify you about arrivals, departures, time and distance. You also get to know platform numbers of train trips and a multi-modal trip editor which can be customized according to your own needs.
The timetables that TripView Sydney has are saved in the app onto your phone. This allows you to view them when you are not online or do not have a live internet connection. Thus, you can be still informed without being online.
The most notable feature of TripView Sydney happens to be the notification system that lets you know if there are any changes to the arrival or departure times, if any bus or train has been cancelled and if there are any changes whatsoever to the existing timetable for whatever reasons. This feature would help every traveler or even a local who is about to set out a schedule for oneself.
TripView Sydney is a utilitarian app. It gets real time data from the ground and updates the app instantaneously. There is no fancy element in the app. If you wish to stay updated about the particulars of your journey and you do not wish to encounter a situation you weren't anticipating or prepared for then you must get hold of this app and use it on your iPhone, iPad or other mobile devices.
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TripView Pty Ltd 26/03/2009 5.0.1 - The 'Show my location' button on the tracker street map is back, by popular demand.
- Tapping on the info bar on the tracker screen will now centre the map on the selected vehicle.
- The global tracker view will now only display a route line marker when a vehicle is selected.
- Fixed a bug where the map wasn't being correctly centred when looking at the global tracker view (and the 'legal' text was in the wrong place).
- Fixed a rare routing bug where some valid routes were being incorrectly filtered out when trackwork bus data was missing.

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