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Things to do: MELBOURNE

Things to do: MELBOURNE
Size: 4.17 MB
Languages: EN | RU
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App Review - Things to do: MELBOURNE

Time Out Melbourne is an app developed for the iOS platform. It can be downloaded from the App Store and is compatible with all versions of iPhone. The app is available for free download to iPhone users and it is essentially a nifty application that takes only 4.17 MB space.
Time Out Melbourne is an app that tourists would find to be immensely helpful. Even local residents or those who live in the suburbs of Melbourne can use this app for its myriad features and handy guides. While it is not an all out travel app, Time Out Melbourne does cater to the niche of tourism, hospitality, entertainment and recreation. In a sense, it is a sneak peek into Melbourne at the present point in time.
There are many standard features in the app which are found in similar apps but what makes Time Out truly different is it real time data on what is happening in and around the city. The app has a feature that keeps an updated, rather the latest, list of all the hotspots and the activities at every hotspot. If there is a music concert being held this weekend, if there is an amazing club which would host a unique bash or if a famous play is in theaters, the app would have such information. Finding latest information and that too in every category of recreation, entertainment and utility is certainly the most helpful aspect of this app. Time Out is thus an app that any local or tourist should have on him or her to know how to best enjoy an evening, to plan a date or how to make the most of Melbourne at any given point in time.
The other features of Time Out include a real time map with listings of bars, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, events and all, a quick favorite list that you can amend at your discretion and an inspiration section that would come up with ten random things to do in the city. You can refer to your favorites or the inspiration section to plan what you wish to do or you can browse the entire map and all the sections to determine what would best suit your evening, day or night.
From most famous places to events that cannot be given a miss. Time Out is undoubtedly one of the best leisure apps for the city of Melbourne, both for locals and tourists alike.
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