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Buenos Aires Shopping Guide

Buenos Aires Shopping Guide
Size: 23.74 MB
Languages: EN | PT | ES
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App Review - Buenos Aires Shopping Guide

The Best Shopping Guide App For Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires Shopping Guide is all that you need to have a great time in the capital city of Argentina. Whether you are traveling to the city for the first time or you have visited before, whether you are a foreigner traveling to the country for the first time or a citizen touring different cities, the Buenos Aires Shopping Guide app can help you in myriad ways. It is unarguably the best shopping guide app for Buenos Aires but beyond that there is much more information that can benefit you in many ways.
First, the app is available for a free download. You can use it on your iPhone or any other major smart phone or tablet that you may own. Being free and being compatible with latest mobile devices make the app relevant in these times.
Second, the app can function offline. If you are a foreigner then you would be paying very high roaming charges. High data charges can also be the case for many travelers and besides, you would have to connect to the internet every time you wish to find some relevant information. All these challenges are done away with in the Buenos Aires Shopping Guide. You can download it once and barring the occasional updates, you can simply use it whenever you want and wherever you want without having data connectivity and without using any data and spending on it unnecessarily.
The Buenos Aires Shopping Guide is loaded with information. It is available in English as well as Spanish and Portuguese languages. There is an elaborate map of the city with GPS positioning which can be accessed offline as well. You get tourist information pertaining to more than 150 significant points of tourist interest. You get information about selected restaurants that are good and you get to read their reviews as well. You would get expert tips as well as opinions of shoppers to head to the best shopping destinations and how to get the best prices, regardless of your budget and what you intend to buy. There is an integrated search engine within the app that can help you to look up tourist spots and specific shops. You also get premium discounts at certain outlets if you are using this app and you show your iPhone at the spot while shopping or purchasing.
The Buenos Aires Shopping Guide must be in every visitor or tourist’s phone, at least when in the city.
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