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Bus Times London

Bus Times London
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App Review - Bus Times London

Whether you’re a resident of London or just visiting onbusiness, the bus system can be one of the most convenient ways to get a round.With the crowded streets of London during the work week, it makes sense to usemass transportation rather than just taking your own vehicle or renting a car.To make things easier mxData has released one of the best London apps to thosewho travel the busy bus system. The Bus London app makes getting aroundconvenient and puts live information about the bus routes as well as currentlocations right in the palm of your hand with one of simpler travel appsavailable today.

Before you head out to take a ride on the London bus system, check out the Bus Londonapp for the latest fares, so you know exactly how much you’ll need to spendthroughout your day. Avoid the hassle of not having exact change before youstart your trip with one of the easiest to use local iPhone apps.

Looking for a nearby stop?Simply click the "Nearby” button within the app and you’ll be shown amap with all of the stops that are closest to you. Avoid the trouble of walkingto the only stops that you know about with this easy to read map of everysingle bus stop located in London. Make sure to allow the app to use yourcurrent location in order for this feature to work correctly.

Additionally, you’ll find this travel app’s bus scheduleextremely easy to read, as you can view individual routes with the click of abutton. It gets even better with live tracking of every single bus route inLondon. No need to run to your nearest bus stop when you know just how manyminutes away the next bus is from your current stop.

Finally, if you’re an Oyster Card user of the London Bussystem, the Bus London iPhone app gives you live access to your accountbalance. You’ll never be unsure about how much money is left on your OysterCard, since you’ll have live information that displays just how much is left onyour card before you hop on the bus.

More to know about the London bus app:

Bus London, the only way to get around in London
The London bus network is known as one of the largest bus networks in the entire world. It is estimated that the network carries at least six million passengers daily within the Greater London zone alone. Given the heavy commuting and dependence on the London bus service it is important to have information like when the next bus is due to arrive so that you can arrange your travel plans accordingly. While some of the London bus stops display the countdown boards allowing you to judge the time between buses there are many others that don’t have such readouts. The Bus London is a useful app created as a solution for this issue helping passengers to obtain live feeds from any of the over 20,000 bus stops in London and the 1,400 routes. Getting the best out of the heavily in demand London bus network is no longer a problem for those who use this app on their iPhones.
The Bus London is a highly intuitive and lively app where you can keep track of the real time progress of the bus that you need to get in to. This way you don’t have to waste valuable time hanging around the bus stop waiting for a bus that will not reach you for the next half hour. With the popular demand for this app it is now considered as one of the best London travel apps. It is packed with a host of value added features to make life easier for those travelling via bus in London. Some of the features included are search options through postcode, route number, street or bus stop code, helping the user to find out his or her exact location by giving information about the nearby bus stops and when the next bus is due to arrive.
The app also provides Oyster balances so that you have a clear ideal of how much money remaining in your account and when it is nearing the top up point. The fare calculator option will help users to work out the cost per journey whether they are using an Oyster card or not. When you tap on the bus stop route filters you can narrow your search for the route information of only those you intend to travel. The favorites tab will save all the stops that you will be using most often so that you can easily retrieve the information any time you want. The Bus London app allows users to view the bus stops in London on map or list form. With Bus London in your iPhone you need not run helter-skelter for the bus ever again!

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USA bert s (Florida, USA)
the best app for the london bus and it's freeee downloaded a lot more but nothing compare to this one real great app
Mapway Limited 22/11/2011 2.5.1 NEW – Use Bus Times London with Siri to Get You Home*
Never get stranded! Use Siri Shortcuts and Siri Suggestions to get live route planning from your current location to your home stop from wherever you are in London.
We’ve also made a few small changes to the departures screen to show you the bus departures for the next 30 minutes in a much clearer way.
If you have any questions, tap on ‘support’ in the About section and we’ll be happy to help you out.
*iOS 12 only

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